-- Cyn Silva.



Cyn Silva's unique style utilizes large-scale canvas “to make an impact on the viewer,” and the electric essentialism of her pieces is what attracts many of her art followers. Cyn specializes in client commissioned art pieces and believes commissions are an incredible way for a client to document his/her spirituality and feelings. 


Cyn Silva creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique to the art collector.  When painting landscapes, she paints en plein air (“in the outdoors”), allowing her to capture “the true colors of nature with the most accurate lighting on the subject matter.”


An artist since the age of 12, Cyn studied private art theory for seven years with the late D. D’Ovalle of Carmel. While in high school and college, she sold her original art to interior designers, and exhibited in fine art galleries. Cyn attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. where she studied architecture and graphic design. This set her on the path to pursuing her life-long passion: becoming a first-rate artist in high demand!


Cyn regularly exhibits her artwork in fine art galleries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Scottsdale, Arizona. Cyn is featured in many Bay Area luxury estates; including those of professional athletes, celebrities, and other high net worth clientele.


Interior designers regularly commission Cyn’s large scale artwork for luxury estates and companies. Her artwork is also featured as part of several Silicon Valley corporate art collections and adorns corporate showrooms, lobbies, and conference centers, including those at National Semiconductor and others in Silicon Valley, California and Scottsdale, Arizona.


Commissioning artwork is my passion; and it is easier than you might imagine!  Simply determine a good time for us to discuss your vision for your piece. I am available for a consultation on the phone, on a Zoom call, or even in-person.


I will guide you through the process.  I will listen to your vision and desires, then compose a structured composition, and create a piece that faithfully represents the creative process you and I engaged in together, as well as the creative input that you provided.


I find  this creative collaboration more satisfying than anything!  I would love to create something for you. Just reach out and we can make it happen together. 


ART IS A UNIQUE GIFT, a connection that changes the recipient, a human ability to make a difference. Art isn't a painting or even a poem, its something that any of us can do. If you interact with others, you have the platform to create something new, some things that change everything, I call that art.

Art is the opposite of trigonometry. Art never follows instructions or a manual or boss's orders. Instead, art is the very human act of creating the uncreated, of connecting with another person at a human level. Art feels risky because it is. The risk the artists takes is that you might not like it, might not be touched, that you might actually laugh at the effort. And it's these risks that lead to reward.

-- Cyn Silva.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Instagram  @LuxuryCynSilva


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